Agency Excellence is a real estate mentor & coaching business built on setting the highest standards to deliver the most extraordinary outcomes using simple effective disciplines that yield the biggest returns.

Benefit with Excellence

  • An external proven mentor and coach who’s been there and done it
  • Impartial perspective that gives your business and your agents the most comprehensive training available in NZ ensuring excellence in ALL facets of real estate practise is upheld
  • Allows you as the owner/manager to have an external body oversee performance and give you not only an outside perspective but one that will report cutting edge developments from other leading NZ businesses/agents to your team of agents
  • Investigating SWOT
  • Assist with building a performance culture, one that thrives on excellence nothing less
  • Greater cohesion from management to agent to administration…Agency Excellence makes your business more productive
  • Single biggest aim is to lift revenue and accountability to your revenue target
  • Understanding your teams better will substantially increase your awareness as to performance slump indicators and or performance uptake indicators
  • Comprehensive market share focus
  • Access through Agency Excellence membership interactive interviews with NZ’s leading agents/managers/owners
  • Benchmarking across the biggest operators in the business
  • Innovative techniques from Agency Excellence to outperform your market 

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