Core Coaching 30 Day or 90 Day Intensive

If you require absolute focus and someone to hold you more accountable than before then this session will realign and readjust your month of prospecting and listing management to ensure you have executed definitive money productive activity every business day without bias. This external 30 day or 90 day intensive one on one coaching session will revolutionise the way in which you approach your business and what core activities you focus on from Monday to Sunday. 

Want to earn more, be better, be excellent; get better with excellence…use NZ revolutionary mentor that finds your sixth gear!

  • Intensive 30 day or 90 day course where you are benchmarked on activity and input measures
  • We timesheet your prospecting hours so you know what input went in to correlate what comes out
  • You will be speaking with Simon Short founder of Agency Excellence every business day across a month
  • At the end of the 30 day or 90 day session we review, recap and critically analyse what changed in your prospecting schedule, your listing levels and sales levels to gauge the benefits obtained
  • You will receive a Prospecting work flow chart to keep your business on track
  • An ‘excellence’ guide to adding value through to listing the property
  • Absolute clarity on how to move your existing stock closer to sale each day you are part of the programme
  • Overall a momentum shift in your daily, weekly and monthly focus which will yield you far more pro-activity than ever before


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