Training to win is why we are here! We have stripped agency practise back and remodelled how to approach the business of real estate to ensure when you are out there playing for keeps your business from back to front is performing at an optimum level, ready to seize the opportunity as it presents.

Agency Excellence has developed a series of critical training workshops that are designed to increase agency practice and discipline in all facets of agency work. The premise of any training program is to get better, but we would rather you become ‘excellent’.

Whether you are an agent starting out, one that is accelerating into greatness or a business owner or manager desiring better outcomes across the board you will want to be signed up to a power packed series of training workshops that will ensure the best is yet to come!


How our training works:

We specialise in motivating individuals and teams to reignite performance. So to ensure we provide the best forum for increase we arrive in your business every five weeks over six sessions or ten sessions (pretty much six months or ten months). It enables the team to drill down on specifics, implement content and ensure there is enough time to measure input before we arrive back to audit progress. 

We are not there to replace the day to day management of your office(s) however we are there as a soundboard to enable you or your sales teams are optimising their hours of activity and equally your business has external support notably helping to hold everyone to account. 

The benefit of having a programme in place over this period of time assisting in driving performance is that it encourages minimum standards and group cohesion so to dominate your markets. To truly outperform your market you need everyone producing…that’s what we are for. 


Agency Excellence Training Workshops:

Agent Framework »

We’ve been there, done it and have designed Agent Framework workshops through the eyes of an agent that is not theory based rather practised, reviewed, benchmarked off the best and from the best to ensure all agents can better their business.

Performance Management »

The importance of benchmarking and conducting internal audits on all aspects of business performance is often an area that can be diluted the more entrenched we become in our work and our own structures.

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