We’ve been there, done it and have designed Agent Framework workshops through the eyes of an agent that is not theory based rather practised, reviewed, benchmarked off the best and from the best to ensure all agents can better their business.

In our series of agent specific workshops we drill down on every aspect of agency practise. We put a fresh spin on the basics and address the vulnerable components of your business to have you feeling more assertive, structured, reenergised and focused to win more.

The delivery of our workshops is from someone that knows intrinsically every aspect of real estate work. We drill down on your business to manage more, earn more and achieve more not just in work but also in play.


The aspects of Agency Practice include:

Auction Excellence »

Auctions are one of the most prominent methods of sale now used by all leading brands and agents.

Bench marking »

Benchmarking is of particularly interest to those eager to measure mark their performance targets and ensure they are on track.

Better ad writing that gets enquiry »

Writing effective value added advertising is something that is part of the job description.

Presentation Excellence »

Being good at real estate sales is simply about being exceptionally good at being interviewed several times a week.

Building better knowledge in your marketplace »

Understanding your market that you sell in is one of the core responsibilities you should champion whether you are starting out or have been selling for a while.

Campaign Management »

Repositioning the seller to accept the market is in essence how you will get paid or not.

Communication Excellence »

The foundation of any relationship whether that be professional or personal is being a good communicator.

Dealing with failure »

It is inevitable regardless what profession you are in or sporting team you are part of. At some point you are going to be faced with failure.

Effective Databasing »

This is a problem area I see in many agents starting out but more so those that have been doing real estate work for some time is their poor ability to capture useable information.

Getting more VMI »

It is one thing to get the listing it is another to convince a seller to willingly invest in marketing to sell their home.

Goal Setting »

Setting a plan in place is one of the forgotten rules to any business.

Growth – managing increase »

We all go through it regardless where you are at in your real estate career you are bound to find yourself dealing with service pressure, framework pressure, external pressure, personal pressure and so it goes on.

Knowing your competition »

Do you know what stands you out from the crowd? Do you know what stands your brand out from the crowd?

Managing self »

The attraction of not having to be at the office at a certain time, reporting to clock in is often a perceived luxury real estate professionals enjoy.

More effective open homes »

Have you ever been to an open home and walked away completely impressed.

Networking – do it better »

Ultimately much of the reason why you win business in your market place is you have a better more established relationship than that of your competitors.

Personal Performance Audit »

Keeping one self on track and accountable is difficult. Doesn’t matter who you are, how inexperienced or experienced you are, successful or otherwise keeping yourself true to you in every sense is one of those forgotten disciplines that simply doesn’t happen often enough.

Professional Excellence »

In an industry that generally is branded untrustworthy ranking 44th most trusted out of a possible 50 in the latest NZ Readers Digest survey it possibly becomes absolutely critical to your future success that you revisit your professional look from brand perspective to ‘You Inc’ and what it stands for to Joe Public.

Better Prospecting »

It is the single biggest strength any high performing agent has over others, an ability to always be prospecting whilst still retaining their business model that is turning over properties regularly.

Role Play Excellence »

How often do you as an office, as individuals role practice? Why is it one of the single biggest omissions agents have in preparing themselves for battle?

When is the right time for an assistant? »

After 15 years of being surrounded by agents of all levels it has been intriguing to observe the evolving nature of real estate performance.

Your job description »

Have you ever sat down and written down what exactly your job description is?