The importance of benchmarking and conducting internal audits on all aspects of business performance is often an area that can be diluted the more entrenched we become in our work and our own structures.

Obtaining an external proven voice that has been at the pointy edge of real estate practice both here in New Zealand as well as Australia is unique in itself. Agency Excellence has been founded on simple principals that are to increase real estate acumen and optimise performance in all facets of real estate practice.

Every business has opportunity to do better and often an external set of eyes and an impartial standpoint can be the determining factor that identifies possible bottlenecks and possibly where to create better efficiencies and direction that get the uptake and yield you expect.

Agency Excellence prides itself on giving your business an edge in your markets. In these sessions we drill down on what’s working and what could be done better...from recruitment to culture, budgeting to sponsorship, marketing to re-branding we are NZ’s real estate full service performance auditor to ensure your next year is your best yet.


  • ‘Helicopter’ drill down – Agency Excellence impartial analysis that gets you thinking, what if, why not now and where to get started. Providing your business a complete external focus and overview. SWOT analysis on what’s working, what’s not, where to improve, how to get there faster
  • Agency Excellence benchmarks across the biggest brands, best operators to give your business real knowledge from the industry coalface
  • People growth - Agency Excellence specialises in growing people and performance
  • Financial external overview - i.e. salary reviews, performance appraisals, redundancy, benchmarking from the best through to off setting non VMI
  • Running a business model that is geared to making money
  • Business growth & acquisitioning – what to look for, synergy, leadership, market education, acceptance, sponsorship alliance
  • Quarterly performance audits and planning
  • Recruitment Overview – how to change the recruitment model that motivates performance i.e. marketing plan, PA/SA evolution
  • Induction Excellence, getting your new recruits up and running faster
  • Mentoring Excellence– why it is the lifeline to future growth within
  • Accountability – keeping the team on track, every week
  • Culture – creating a high performance culture...why your work culture is critical. Work worth doing, culture worth fighting for
  • Effective Leadership – how to be more effective from the center. Center management it’s not always about leading from the front
  • Acknowledgement Awards – how often, reward, status and loyalty, we review what is getting further uplift across NZ
  • What is your story – how can we differentiate you from your market/competitors? Does it resonate with your market/community?
  • Minimum standards audit why your brands lifeline relies on it  
  • Agency Excellence $1,000,000 club...solely focused on NZ biggest and best operators coming together to regularly update and evolve our thinking
  • Succession planning – how to effectively hand over the reins
  • Where is your business heading in the next 5yrs/10yrs – let Agency Excellence get you there and beyond faster.

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